Short Sessions

Sessions of about 2-3 hours

  1. Practical introduction to the 28 steps of the CreateVitality System

    Physical body, emotional realm, mental world and motivation force: these are the basic dimensions along which the human being is simultaneously involved!

    Each dimension responds to different principles, much more than we are used to believe normally!

    In this session we start with an outline of these different dimensions and their laws.

    Exercises for body energy, breathing, communication from the heart, mind visualization, and to receive a vision of your inner essence and desires.

    Tests and exercises from the book CreateVitality.

  2. Music of the planets: resonate with the cosmic energy

    On the same line of the homonym Live Path Concert, this short session offers more about the Zodiac archetypal energetic language, in particular in relationship to the sphere of personal meanings represented by each planet.

    A quick jump into the mythology, experiencing the energy quality of:

  3. Planets
    • the Sun, the personality;
    • the Moon, the feminine force and the inner child;
    • Mercury, the messenger between body and mind;
    • Venus, the beauty, love and peace goddess;
    • Mars, the masculine force and the spirit of activity;
    • Jupiter, the optimism, the sense of life; Saturn, the Judge and the lucidity of mind;
    • Uranus, the free creativity, opening to the stars;
    • Neptune, the ideal and the heart's compassion;
    • Pluto, the free will and the personal power.
  4. Sounds for the inner harmony: tuning voice and soul

    An introduction to your voice power, experiencing through exercises how to open your subtle energetic center. Looking forward to balancing your energy and to create your proper healing beautiful sound? Tuning sounds of vowels and of consonants, in order to create your significant mantra and discovering how to receive force and inspiration from it.

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