One Day Sessions

Five Workshops of about 6/8 hours, which can be attended one by one, or like an entire cycle.

  1. Wake up your body: First Stair

    To get in deep contact with the body means to feel it, to really be inside your body. Perception, flexibility, use of the senses, directions of the body, and furthermore the elements of your environment, the way you manage stress, sleep, work and eat...

    This one-day session will help you in increasing your ability to be aware of your own muscles, joints and breathing, expanding their relaxing and stretching capacities in order to use only the necessary muscles in an appropriate way, in order to feel better and be more healthy within yourself.

    Sleeping, eating, the environment in which you live, your family heritage and the way you are able to renew your energy are also essential fields of research, preparing for a better physical energy.

    Some practical exercises will also be given where you can discuss your personal daily program!

  2. Free your emotions! Second Stair

    Emotional Realm is connected with involuntary energy: its nature is to flow.

    Emotion is a pre-verbal language of the inner truth, the subjective point of view of the whole human structure from which you create a proper re-action.

    Breathing is the main instrument to become emotionally flexible such as to feel without thinking, it is the magic attitude that let frees us from the mind.

    The inside feminine power is connected with receptivity: that means the ability to receive and to be passive. This inactive attitude is unknown in today's life, and ferociously judged by our inner sense of duty.

    Deeply inside, this causes a real difficulty in embracing sensuality and pleasure, but also in sharing this with others, such as a self-attitude in relaxing and discovering the inner silence and the real empty peace, that is indeed the source of creativity.

    During the day, we approach emotions, what they are, how they work, how to let it go, and also how to master them. In order to live a very rich inner dimension without losing contact with reality!

    This experience takes you into your deep space, through breathing and sharing energy with the group force.

    Here you can find a bridge from your daily life to the real needs of your inner child and of your soul, in order to better reconnect with the wholeness of yourself. Exercises of the second stair of the CreateVitality System are used in the workshop.

  3. Connecting the two brain hemispheres: Third Stair

    Mental World is the realm of attention, which is its form of energy. The same direction your thoughts express will be followed by the consciousness in focusing the action. It really has been created to transform your mind in the perfect executor of your will and desires, you need to become able to clearly communicate your task. The mind comprehends its proper language.

    It is necessary to learn how to use the power of attention: to concentrate attention, to open it up, to voluntarily change the goal of it, how to use a different kind of memory.

    Learning the simultaneous use of the two cerebral hemispheres, and how to change the frequency of the mind waves from "beta" to "alpha", will help with relaxing, focusing and realizing your own project.

    In fact, to fulfill desires the mind uses a special language, that we are going to learn.

    During the workshop we exercise a huge part of the third stair of the CreateVitality System.

  4. The inner fire: Fourth stair

    Motivation is the fire that makes our life easy and pleasant. It walks hand in hand with the inner Essence. That means that we have more craft when we study and live in harmony with our real nature, expressing our real talents. In order to discover this Essence, it is very important to become enthusiastic, to get in touch with the deep desires and dreams of the soul, and to expand our inner gifts.

    Meditation techniques, such as exercises to act out and create a common consciousness, will be very useful for discovering and maintaining the inner motivation.

    Mutuality will also be investigated, as the essence of the power of the creative force.

  5. Live the energy of your own planets

    The group will enter into the archetypal energy of each planet, through a dynamic and interactive of the specific personal meanings from the natal chart.

    The Zodiac is an antique archetypal energetic language: this experience introduces you to the personal sphere of meanings represented by each planet.

    Archetypes, as Jung describes in his writing, and also used by Plato in his philosophy, are Ideas shared between the whole humanity involved in the same cultural environment. Planets, well described by the antique world of Greek gods, refer to deep connections with inner parts of the human being.

    With music, visualization and some mythological quotes taken from the Greek world, and reveling the nature of your own planets looking for them in your natal chart, the workshop leads you into a personal journey about :

  • the Sun, Apollo, the center of the diurnal personality;
  • the Moon, Selene, the feminine force, the nocturnal side of the personality, the inner child and the universal mother;
  • Mercury, the messenger between body and mind, the smart guy that loves communication and sharing ideas;
  • Venus, the beauty, love and peace goddess, symbol of ability to receive and enjoy life and pleasure;
  • Mars, the work capacity, the masculine force, the pleasure to actively create and discover new ways to practically realize things;
  • Jupiter, the optimism, the sense of life, your social place in your world;
  • Saturn, the Judge, the Ratio, the Reality principle and the lucidity of mind, the Justice;
  • Uranus, the Sky force, the out of rule creativity, the revolution and the opening to intuition;
  • Neptune, the mystic part of us, the Ideal Belief, the inner religious attitude, the compassion and the spiritual Service;
  • Pluto, and the boundless, unrevealed, secret undiscovered inner power that contains the best talents, but also the worst ego attitudes, and needs the human free will in order to choose and distinguish Bad from the Good.

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