Workshops and Experiences for Musicians

4 workshops to go inside the four levels: each of them can be done in 4/8 hours.
The best formula is to do all four in 4 days, or in sessions from 2 to 4 hours.

  1. First Stair: Physical Body and music

    To play an instrument involves an incredible number of muscles, as musicians well know. Therefore they, more than non-playing people, need to increase their own ability to be aware of their muscles, joints and breathing, expanding their relaxing and stretching capacities in order to use only the necessary muscles in an appropriate way.

    In order to be relaxed, and also strong and resistant, musicians should develop a body-self-awareness, also without playing the instrument. They should first get in contact with themselves before attuning their instrument, that is their own body itself.

    Sleeping, eating, the environment in which you live, the family heritage and the way you are able to renew your energy are also essential fields of research, preparing for a better physical energy.

  2. Second Stair: Emotional Realm and music

    The more we go inside, the more we find surprises. As a matter of fact, the emotional realm is normally unknown, especially in school.

    Music is the realm of emotion! The most direct art, capable of creating inner suggestions, letting the consciousness flow towards infinity.

    This is why musicians need to become very confident with their emotions, and be able to spread them through their music. What people really want from music is exactly this: to flow within their emotional world.

    Something that today in our society is a privilege and true luxury.

    The CreateVitality system is very useful for explaining the rules of the emotional world.

    Emotions are ethereal, they only desire to flow: they are a pre-verbal language that communicate the inner truth, the subjective point of view of the whole human structure, in order to create a proper re-action.

    Breathing is the main instrument to become emotionally flexible! From here we start, looking forward to a better capacity to express the inner musicality, such as to the ability to face a performance or exam with self-control and with good results.

  3. Third Stair: Mental World and music

    The "CreateVitality" system helps to understand the specific quality of everyone's individual mind and explains how to use the power of attention according to practical and easy techniques: to concentrate attention, to open it up, to voluntarily change the goal of it, how to use a different kind of memory.

    Learning the simultaneous use of the two cerebral hemispheres, and how to change the frequency of the mind waves from "beta" to "alpha", will help with relaxing, focusing and realizing one´s own project. In fact, to fulfill desires, the mind uses a special language, that we are going to learn.

    Concentrations technique, advise for the memory, planing the objectives of your work and your future skills. And more, how to use your mind for changing bad habit at the instrument, in order to realize your real goals.

  4. Fourth Stair: Motivation Force and music

    Motivation is the fire that makes our life easy and pleasant. It walks hand in hand with the inner Essence. That means that we have more craft when we study and live in harmony with our real nature, expressing our real talents. In order to discover this Essence, it is very important to become enthusiastic, to get in touch with the deep desires and dreams of the soul, and to expand our inner gifts.

    Meditation techniques, such as exercises to act out and create a common consciousness, will be very useful for discovering and maintaining the inner motivation.

    Mutuality will also be investigated, as the essence of the power of the creative force.

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