One-hour introduction to the book and system. Better done with the help of a projector.

  1. About the "CreatiVitality" system

    An educational project, aiming to connect people´s practical consciousness with the basic aspects of their personality, and improving their capacity to live and achieve any goal "on the line of the minor resistance".

    Introduction to the structure of the 28 steps.

    Introducing and presenting the structure of the CreatiVitality System, this concert experience touches all the four human levels:

    • the body with its needs to relax, to open the joints, to stretch the muscles, to happily live;
    • the emotional realm with its needs to feel, to express emotions, to live fully and intensely, to share sentiments from the heart, to forgive oneself and others for past and forgotten pains;
    • the mental world which is curious and quick and loves images and fantasy, and also needs to be led by the aims the consciousness sets, instead of becoming itself your master;
    • the deep motivational level, your divine essence, that manifests itself everyday if you only become patient and able to recognize its intangible signs.
  2. About the "CreatiVitality" system for musicians

    A realistic , practical, progressive and agreeable path, supplied with tests and exercises, and a useful audio CD, in order to study and perform "with the best result and the minimum effort" because you learn "how it works".

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