A new special one-hour concert formula, that offers both live music and exercises.

In order to relax the body, to get in touch with your own feelings and emotions, to find peace and focus for the mind, and to clarify the needs and desires in a performing context.

Antonella offers 4 different formulas, that can be enjoyed one by one, or forming a complete cycle that touches the entire sphere of her proposals:

  1. Flowing with pleasure and beauty: color and suggestion of the French impressionistic music (about emotion realm)
  2. Music of the divine: J.S.Bach (about mental and motivation realm)
  3. From body to spirit: a guided music journey (through the four realms)
  4. Music of the planets: resonate with the cosmic energy (archetypal energy)

Flowing with pleasure and beauty: color and suggestion of the French impressionistic music

“French music is brightness and elegance. French music wants, first of all, give pleasure” Claude Debussy

Pleasure and Beauty

Love was, in ancient times, something sacred in which beauty was consecrated to the gods. Love, beauty, harmony, goodness are the real qualities of the divine, that create the gate through which the human being can experiment it. Arts and love are at the root of the inner compassion that has the power to reconnect man with his soul.

The feminine power is to be receptive: that means the ability to not do anything at all! This passive attitude is unknown in today’s life, and ferociously judged by our inner sense of duty.

Deeply inside, this causes a real difficulty in embracing sensuality and pleasure, but also in sharing this with others, such as a self-attitude in relaxing and discovering the inner silence and the real empty peace, that is indeed the source of creativity.


This live path concert takes you into your deep space, through breathing and sharing energy with the group force, and with the magic atmosphere created by the French impressionistic music, in which the flute’s sound has always been the protagonist because of the sacredness of its timbre. Here you can find a bridge from your daily life to the real needs of your inner child and of your soul, in order to better reconnect with the wholeness of yourself.


Music of Claude Debussy, Eugene Bozza, Andrè Jolivet, Jacques Ibert and others.

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