A new special one-hour concert formula, that offers both live music and exercises.

In order to relax the body, to get in touch with your own feelings and emotions, to find peace and focus for the mind, and to clarify the needs and desires in a performing context.

Antonella offers 4 different formulas, that can be enjoyed one by one, or forming a complete cycle that touches the entire sphere of her proposals:

  1. Flowing with pleasure and beauty: color and suggestion of the French impressionistic music (about emotion realm)
  2. Music of the divine: J.S.Bach (about mental and motivation realm)
  3. From body to spirit: a guided music journey (through the four realms)
  4. Music of the planets: resonate with the cosmic energy (archetypal energy)

Music of the planets: resonate with the cosmic energy

Music of the Planets

The Zodiac is an antique archetypal energetic language: this live path concert introduces you to the personal sphere of meanings represented by each planet.

Archetypes, as Jung describes in his writing, and also used by Plato in his philosophy, are Ideas shared between the whole humanity involved in the same cultural environment. Planets, well described by the antique world of Greek gods, refer to deep connections with inner parts of the human being.

With music, visualization and some mythological quotes taken from the Greek world, the concert leads you into a personal journey about :

  • the Sun, Apollo, the center of the diurnal personality;
  • the Moon, Selene, the feminine force, the nocturnal side of the personality, the inner child and the universal mother;
  • Mercury, the messenger between body and mind, the smart guy that loves communication and sharing ideas;
  • Mars, the work capacity, the masculine force, the pleasure to actively create and discover new ways to practically realize things;
  • Jupiter, the optimism, the sense of life, your social place in your world;
  • Planets
  • Saturn, the Judge, the Ratio, the Reality principle and the lucidity of mind, the Justice;
  • Uranus, the Sky force, the out of rule creativity, the revolution and the opening to intuition;
  • Neptune, the mystic part of us, the Ideal Belief, the inner religious attitude, the compassion and the spiritual Service;
  • Pluto, and the boundless, unrevealed, secret undiscovered inner power, that contains the best talents, but also the worst ego attitudes, and needs the human free will in order to choose and distinguish Bad from the Good.


Also available in the version for Flute and Celtic harp

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