I luoghi di Eolo

I luoghi di Eolo

Various atmosphere music for voice, flute, cello and percussion. Rosalba Bentivoglio, voice; Antonella Dalla Benetta flute; Carmelo Nicotra cello.

Horus Ensemble® and the Itinerant Concerts

Horus Ensemble
“The Horus Ensemble sprang from a shared initiative to create a ritual with music, a dream which could break the linear space-time continuum, allowing the consciousness to expand.”

Founded in 1993 by Antonella, the guitarist Nicola Oteri and the composer Sergio Pallante, the Horus Ensemble promoted and animated the Summer Horus Academy. In this context the idea of the Itinerant Concerts was born in naturalistic and archeological settings, aiming to re-connect the artistic event with its original ancient sacredness, “breaking off the linear space-time continuum”, and creating in the spectator a gate to an extra-ordinary inner perception.

A lot of famous musicians and dancers collaborated with the Horus Ensemble: Rosalba Bentivoglio, Paola Ghigo, Lucia Clementi, Sandra Stojanovic, Carmelo Nicotra, Mario Ancillotti, Judith Liber, Awahoshi Kavan, Matthias Ziegler, Pamela De Sensi, Conrad Klemm, Carlo Cattano, Wendell Wells, Dario La Ferla, Ninni Averna, Alexandra Gutu, Serenella Isidori, Oriana e Valentina Celesti, Emilio Vapi, Andrea Montefoschi, Carlo Nicita, Roberto Sparacino, Raimondo Broccio, Pali van Gastel, Michele Valcanover.

“The Itinerant Concerts”

Horus Ensemble

Conceived by Antonella, the Itinerant Concerts have been successfully proposed since 1993, typically in historical contexts, rich of particular grace and style, such as in naturalistic and archeological settings, like the Necropolis of Pantalica, the Ciane River, Noto, Syracuse, the Apollo temple, Fiumara d’Arte (Sicily), the Greek Column of Crotone and some ancient villas and festivals throughout Italy.

This concert formula represents the ideal symbiosis between the scenic space, always unique, and the performance’s sound and movements, that are created and chosen in order to exalt the better characteristics of the place itself. It generates in the public a different perspective, and new suggestions take the places of normal perceptions.

Musicians and dancers become magic, especially if the setting happens at sunset or at sunrise. No technical structure is needed: the performance takes place alternating short musical pictures in various suggestive angles of the chosen space, like dream apparitions, one by one strung together with little musical walks.

Itinerant Concerts can be performed by a group of 6-12 artists, in relationship with the project and the place. The music style can range over a vast repertoire, and will be combined with the style and atmosphere of the chosen place.

“Itinerant Concerts at sunrise and sunset ”

At these meaningful moments of the day, very special performances are guaranteed! What could be more magic than to wake up very early and to take part in a concert that celebrates the new birth of the sun?

Or the magic moment in which it sets, offering fascinating colors and atmosphere?

The Horus Ensemble is specialized in creating events like that, adapting music and dance to the structure of the chosen place and time.

Please contact us in order to plan the event.

Itinerant Concerts at sunrise and sunset

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