A new special one-hour concert formula, that offers both live music and exercises.

In order to relax the body, to get in touch with your own feelings and emotions, to find peace and focus for the mind, and to clarify the needs and desires in a performing context.

Antonella offers 4 different formulas, that can be enjoyed one by one, or forming a complete cycle that touches the entire sphere of her proposals:

  1. Flowing with pleasure and beauty: color and suggestion of the French impressionistic music (about emotion realm)
  2. Music of the divine: J.S.Bach (about mental and motivation realm)
  3. From body to spirit: a guided music journey (through the four realms)
  4. Music of the planets: resonate with the cosmic energy (archetypal energy)

Music of the Divine: Johan Sebastian Bach

Music of the Divine

Bach is counterpoint: the higher complex language for the mind’s abstract thinking.

Our mind is marvelous: a wonderful complexity of information that builds images and drawings. Heir to the earlier music of the Flemish and of the Sixteenthcentury polyphoniy, Johan Sebastian Bach glorifies in his music the pure structure, the architecture of sounds!

Energetically, his music is like spring water, like a magic kaleidoscope plenty of forms and colors. Letting your mind tune into the same wavelength as Bach’s music, means to make it stronger, more able to think clearly and quickly, increasing its concentration capacity to focus simultaneously on several different or dissimilar levels.

The very subtle energy developed in this way, makes you flow up to your divine part, in connection with your soul task and your inner essence, because of your growing intuition, the fruit of the analogical brain’s hemisphere.

The concert-experience proposes Bach pieces, a continuous connected through-experience about the use of the mind’s attention, including both brains hemispheres, in order to open your mind’s perceptive doors and to give it peace.

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