Flowing with pleasure and beautyMusic of the Divine

Available from February are these four CDs offering the LIVE PATH CONCERTS, with music and exercise that you can practice also on your own!! Or use it with your meditation group!

  • Flowing with pleasure and beauty Color and suggestion of the French impressionistic music Music of Debussy, Eugene Bozza, Andrč Jolivet, Jacque Ibert and others.
  • Music of the divine J.S.Bach.
  • From body to spirit A guided music journey.
  • Music of the planets Resonate with the cosmic energy.

Sound and atmosphere of the twentieth century

For flute and guitar Antonella Dalla Benetta and Nicola Oteri

Suoni e atmosfere del ‘900
  1. Aistesis, Sergio Pallante (Italy)
  2. Grottapinta, Dimitri Nicolau
  3. Distribucao de flores, Heitor Villa Lobos (Argentina)
  4. Canzone e Danza, Bruno Battisti d’Amario (Italy) Ascolta
  5. Histoire du tango, Astor Piazzolla (Argentina) Ascolta
  6. Memoria e Fado, Gismonti (Portugal)
  7. Petite suite medievale, Demillac (France) Ascolta

A journey through several styles and colors that flute and guitar can create together: nice to listen to and also culturally interesting.


“Divertimento” for two flutes and friends…

Antonella Dalla Benetta e Roberto Sparacino and friends

“Divertimento” per due flauti e amici…
  1. “Triosonata”, Pepusch
  2. “Triosonata G mayor”, C.Ph. E. Bach Ascolta
  3. “D dur Concert ” for two flutes and piano, Vivaldi
  4. “Valzer” in A mayor for two flutes solo, Mercadante Ascolta
  5. “The infancy of Christ” for two flutes and harp, H. Berlioz
  6. “Two pieces ” for two flutes and harp, J.Ibert
  7. “7- Paraphrase on Sonnambula of Bellini” for two flutes and piano, Doppler
  8. “Entracte da Carmen” for two flutes and harp , Bizet Ascolta
  9. “Suite in si bemolle maggiore” for two flutes, Telemann Ascolta

Very enjoyable music, from the baroque to the romantic styles, up until the atmosphere of the first French twentieth century. Two flutes, sometime individually, or with harp, piano, harpsichord, cello play beautiful melodies or imaginative variations…


Voyage through the French music of the beginning of the Twentieth Century

Flute and piano Antonella Dalla Benetta and Antonietta Loffredo

Viaggio musicale nella Parigi d’inizio secolo
  1. Histoires, Jacques Ibert
  2. Barcarola e Scherzo, Alfredo Casella
  3. Fantasia op 79, Gabriel Fauré
  4. Cantabile e Presto, George Enescu
  5. Bilitis, Claude Debussy
  6. Piece en forme de Habanera, Maurice Ravel

Agreeable and elegant plunge into the Parisian bohemien atmosphere, the CD presents music of composers of the European area, living in Paris, the capital at that time of the arts, and protagonists of this fashionable word.


I luoghi di Eolo

By Horus Ensemble

I luoghi di Eolo
  1. Bachiana Brasileira, Heitor Villa Lobos Ascolta
  2. Volo, Carmelo Nicotra Ascolta
  3. Saline, Rosalba Bentivoglio
  4. Night Club, Astor Piazzolla
  5. Gli affreschi del mio giardino, Rosalba Bentivoglio
  6. Coefore, Dimitri Nicolau
  7. Dicerie di uno specchio, Rosalba Bentivoglio
  8. Mei, Kazuo Fukushima
  9. I luoghi di Eolo, Rosalba Bentivoglio

Various atmosphere music for voice, flute, cello and percussion. Rosalba Bentivoglio, voice; Antonella Dalla Benetta flute; Carmelo Nicotra cello


The Healing Sounds of Stones

Overtone chanting from the Jewish miqwè of Syracuse (Sicily) - Voice Antonella Dalla Benetta

Il canto di guarigione della pietra
  1. Voyage to the source Ascolta
  2. Chakra

More than 20 meters underground, I recorded this CD inside the Jewish miqwè of Syracuse, in Sicily. In this ancient sacred place, which was caved out of rock where it was possible to reach spring water needed for the purification rituals.
I sang in front of the stones, changing distances and positions, and checking different corners of the caves. This place can halt your mind, as the overtone chanting can too! The CD is therefore the results of two different meditation sources and is incredibly helpful in breaking off the linear time sequence, freeing us from the illusion of matter.


The power of sound

Overtone chanting and shamanic trip - Voice Antonella Dalla Benetta, drums Paolo Clauser

Il potere del suono
  1. Overtone chanting on U (1° and 2° chakra)
  2. Overtone chanting on O (3° chakra)
  3. Overtone chanting on A (4° chakra)
  4. Overtone chanting on E (5° chakra)
  5. Overtone chanting on I (6° and 7° chakra) Ascolta
  6. Consonants of Fire (Instinct)
  7. Consonants of Earth (Matter)
  8. Consonants of Air (Communication) Ascolta
  9. Consonants of Water (Spirit)
  10. Mantra
  11. Shamanic trip Ascolta

A didactic support for studying overtone chanting, with a specific session for each sound. The shamanic trip is done through the sound of drums and tends to help us in reconnecting the activities of the two brain hemispheres.

What is Overtone Chanting?

Sound is a wave, a frequency: therefore it can change the frequency of the brain waves, of emotions, that also are frequencies, and even of single organs of the physical body. Every thought vibrates on its own frequency and resonates with sounds that are tuned in to it.

The overtone chanting is based on the acoustics law of a physical-harmonic phenomenon: each sound contains in itself the whole spectrum of its harmonic sounds, that strings together in always the same sequence. The human voice can sing a low sound and focus on the high harmonic sounds, that, thanks to their high frequency and subtle influence, have the power to spread harmony through matter. The whole psycho-physical system becomes thus resonating and enlivened.


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