A new special one-hour concert formula, that offers both live music and exercises.

In order to relax the body, to get in touch with your own feelings and emotions, to find peace and focus for the mind, and to clarify the needs and desires in a performing context.

Antonella offers 4 different formulas, that can be enjoyed one by one, or forming a complete cycle that touches the entire sphere of her proposals:

  1. Flowing with pleasure and beauty: color and suggestion of the French impressionistic music (about emotion realm)
  2. Music of the divine: J.S.Bach (about mental and motivation realm)
  3. From body to spirit: a guided music journey (through the four realms)
  4. Music of the planets: resonate with the cosmic energy (archetypal energy)

From body to spirit: a guided music journey

Antonella Dalla Benetta

Introducing and presenting the structure of the CreateVitality System, this live path concert touches all the four human levels:

  • the body with its needs to relax, to open the joints, to stretch the muscles, to happily live;
  • the emotional realm with its needs to feel, to express emotions, to live fully and intensely, to share sentiments from the heart, to forgive oneself and others for past and forgotten pains;
  • the mental world which is curious and quick and loves images and fantasy, and also needs to be led by the aims the consciousness sets, instead of becoming itself your master;
  • the deep motivational level, your divine essence, that manifests itself everyday if you only become patient and able to recognize its intangible signs.

Exercises for body energy, breathing, communication from the heart, mind visualization and to receive a vision of your inner essence and desires, alternated with short music pieces where sounds vibrate with the same frequency as we have experienced through the exercises. An opportunity to check your four levels and to reconnect them!


Music of Claude Debussy, Eugene Bozza, Andrč Jolivet, J.S.Bach, K.Fukushima, H.Villa Lobos, A Piazzolla, C.P.E.Bach, Telemann and others.


Also available in the version for Flute and Celtic harp

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