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Create Vitality System

Each of us is a unique energetic System: to know how your system works means to find the better way to realize yourself both in the social life such as in the personal sphere of relationships and self satisfaction.

The Greek saying “Gnose te ipsum” - know your self-, written at the entrance of the Delphi Oracle temple at the time of Socrates, today means not only to speak about who we are, but above all to practically apply ourselves in the best way. To put the ideal into the matter! That means to be able to coordinate:

  • our body, in order to be naturally healthy, young and vital;
  • our emotional system, in order to be happy and able to feel and share emotions;
  • our mind, in order to reach our goals and be able to renovate ideas and social aspirations;
  • our soul, in order to be connected with the Essence which gives us life and form.

Through a useful and progressive 28 steps structure, CreateVitality allow you to check the four levels of your life, understanding practically how to manage the different laws of each theme, in order to achieve your goals while balancing on the edge of minor resistance obtaining the best result with the minimum effort.

How does it work?

The basic idea of the system is to separate the four human levels, for better understanding of how each of them works.

A lot of problems and waste of energy are caused, as a matter of fact, by the confusion about the laws that rule these different levels of the personality.

“Divide et impera” – divide and rule - was the saying of Julius Cesar, referring to his ability to face and solve problems one by one, like the ferocious tribes of the Gaul.

We can be inspired by his principle to separate the four levels and rebuild them one by one.

The Four Levels of the Personality as a four stairs structure

In order to face and solve problems, I created 4 stairs, each of whom has 7 steps.

The four stairs are: physical body; emotional realm; mental world and motivation force, which become our fields of research!

These are the basic four dimensions along which the human being is simultaneously involved!

Each dimension responds to different principles, much more than we are used to believe normally.

The Four Stairs and the different laws that rule the four levels of the Personality

  • Physical Body is the realm of matter: hence cause and effect is the main law to follow.That means to take care of yourself in a real way. "Give to Ceasar what is of Ceasar".Sleep, rest, food, the environment in which you live, the light, the subtle energy of the electromagnetic fields around you, the muscles, the joints and the dynamic balance of your body are matter for research and reorganization of this layer.
  • Emotional Realm is normally unknown and mostly hidden. We try to control our emotional reactions, thinking that a decision to change will be enough to really feel in a different way. But this is a huge misunderstanding. Emotion rules are connected with involuntary energy, ancestral need for rescue: their nature is to flow, they are inner messengers of the subjective reality and are able to create chemical matter through the endocrine system. Emotions are ethereal, they only desire to flow: they are a pre-verbal language that communicate the inner truth, the subjective point of view of the whole human structure from which you create a proper re-action. Breathing is the main instrument to become emotionally flexible!
  • Mental World is the realm of attention, which is its form of energy. The same direction your thoughts express will be followed by the consciousness in focusing the action. It really has been created to transform your mind in the perfect executor of your will and desires, you need to become able to clearly communicate your task. The mind comprehends its proper language. It is necessary to learn how to use the power of attention: to concentrate attention, to open it up, to voluntarily change the goal of it, how to use a different kind of memory. Learning the simultaneous use of the two cerebral hemispheres, and how to change the frequency of the mind waves from "beta" to "alpha", will help with relaxing, focusing and realizing your own project. In fact, to fulfill desires the mind uses a special language, that swe are going to learn.
  • Motivation Force is the fire that makes our life easy and pleasant. It walks together with the inner Essence. That means that we have more craft when we live in harmony with our real nature, expressing our real talents. In order to discover this Essence, it is very important to become enthusiastic, to get in touch with the deep desires and dreams of the soul, and to expand our inner gifts. Meditation techniques, such as exercises to act out, together with creating a common consciousness, will be very useful for discovering and maintaining the inner motivation.

The Seven Steps on the Four Stairs

Each stair is made on similar steps. The Sixth and the Seventh Steps are different for every stair because they are deeply connected with the laws of the single stair.

  • 1st Step - Test: in order to know, to discover and collect the real informations and create a general picture of the level.
  • 2nd Step - How it works: the different stuff of which the 4 level are made: the different laws that rule each of them. If you don't consider them, you can't have results because you use the wrong code.
  • 3rd Step - Flow with breathing: In order to change something, you need flexibility on the 4 levels. It comes from the way in which you breathe. We build the three phases exercise on breathing, a way for changing habits, through awareness and flexibility
  • 4th Step - Root and environments: the roots created a lot of attitude that one can't any more see, because they have grown up with yourself, like an heritage. Also the environment that surrounds your gives you automatically his imprinting. If you want to go out from this box, you need to see that and to decide if yoiu want or refuse this elements.
  • 5th Step - Wake up: exercises: from awareness to practice, to action. You will build from the proposed exercices your personal trining programm.
  • 6th Step
    • Physical Body - The sixth step is connected to the Survival Layer, that means how to manage stress. The alternation between sleep, rest and work, and the adrenaline course that superintends the stress managing.
    • Emotional Realm - The sixth step is connected with the emotional reaction. That means the manifestation of the inner child with its energy and life joy, and also with its instincts and difficulties. It is connected with the sexual hormonal system.
    • Mental World - The sixth step is about communication rules which clearly connect to the mind power: how to formulate a project coming from your truth.
    • Motivation Force - The sixth step is connected with the Essence, the deep force of nature, from which you receive the inner fire driving your life plan and aspirations.
  • 7th Step
    • Physical Body - The seventh step is connected to the metabolism; it means how to manage nutrition. The insulin circle is the hormonal basis that superintends this matter.
    • Emotional Realm - The seventh step is about the heart and its choosing capacity: the passage from emotion to feeling and the discovery of the inner source of love and creativity.
    • Mental World - The seventh step takes you into your secret chamber, the place in which you are deeply connected with both brain hemispheres, and therefore you can coordinate intuition and linear thinking.
    • Motivation Force - The seventh step is mutuality: the essence of creativity, that fits in with the union of different aspects that connect and work together, both in your inner world and the outer world, such as sharing your essence and life force with other people.

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