Creati-vità. Il risveglio dell'energia creativa

Each of us is a unique energetic System: to know how your system works means to find the better way to realize yourself both in the social life such as in the personal sphere of relationships and self satisfaction.

The Greek saying “Gnose te ipsum” - know your self-, written at the entrance of the Delphi Oracle temple at the time of Socrates, today means not only to speak about who we are, but above all to practically apply ourselves in the best way. To put the ideal into the matter! That means to be able to coordinate:

  • our body, in order to be naturally healthy, young and vital;
  • our emotional system, in order to be happy and able to feel and share emotions;
  • our mind, in order to reach our goals and be able to renovate ideas and social aspirations;
  • our soul, in order to be connected with the Essence which gives us life and form.

Through a useful and progressive 28 steps structure, CreateVitality allow you to check the four levels of your life, understanding practically how to manage the different laws of each theme, in order to achieve your goals while balancing on the edge of minor resistance obtaining the best result with the minimum effort.

The CreateVitality System in three steps

  • ... CreateVitality: the book

    CreateVitality: the book In order to face and solve problems, I created 4 stairs, each of whom has 7 seven steps. Progressively and orderly, you will be so guided through an inner journey, touching all the four human levels. An audio CD helps you in the exercises.

  • ... Workshops & Experiences

    Workshops and ExperiencesSeveral formula to enjoy the System: from the pleasant Live Path Concert, to the short introducing sessions of about 3 hours, from numerous one-day proposals to Experiences cycles, which lead you very deep inside the 28 steps structure.

  • ... CreateVitality for musicians: the book

    CreateVitality for musicians: the bookBorn from my long experience in teaching music at the Conservatory, I take care of all the components of a music student. CreateVitality for musicians is a book and an entire specific educational program for music students and professional musicians, to develop a good psycho-physical coordination needed for calm and intense performing on stage and in the studio. An audio CD will help you in the exercises.

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