Antonella Dalla Benetta

Eclectic flutist, she ranges over various repertoires: she performs classical music from the baroque to the vanguard styles, such as theater pieces, thematic solo recitals, revised popular songs, meditation music and overtone-chanting.

Since 1993 she has been performing the Itinerant Concerts in naturalistic and archeological settings, aiming to re-connect the artistic event with its original ancient sacredness, breaking off the linear space-time continuum, and creating in the spectator a gate to extra-ordinary inner perception.

She created and actively developed the CreateVitality System, an educational project aiming to connect people's practical consciousness with the basic aspects of their personality, and improving their capacity to live, study, perform or achieve any other goal on the edge of minor resistance obtaining the best result with minimum effort, because you learn how to obtain it.

Physical, emotional, mental and motivational worlds become therefore separately examined, explained and deeply reorganized, focusing on the different layers and laws that rule each of them.

The handbook CreateVitality, also available in a tailored edition for musicians, shows a realistic, practical, progressive and agreeable path, supplied with several tests and exercises, also including an useful audio CD.


The book and the CreateVitality System are in use at present at the Music Conservatory of Trento (Italy), where Antonella is professor of flute and of psychophysical training and body-awareness. During her sabbatical year, from November 2009 to September 2010, Antonella is traveling in Europe, Canada and the USA, to present her system for various Conservatories and Associations. See News for the specific agenda.



As a flutist, she won several competitions, starting her concert career at the age of 16. She was first flute of the Italian Youth Orchestra in 1984, and of the AMIT (Italian Music Academy) in Rome in 1986, performing the Italian tour of the La Tragedie de Carmen directed by Peter Brook. She performed in a several famous theaters like: Piccolo Theater and Carcano, Milan, Argentina Theater, Rome, Roman Amphitheater, Cagliari, Arena di Verona, Roman Odeon of Pompei and Catania, Maschio Angioino, Naples, Greek Theater of Syracuse, Palazzolo Acreide, Conservatory, Sophia (Bulgaria) and Winterthur (Switzerland), Theater de Lyon (France), Palazzo Pitti and Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Radio Praga, and for prestigious Associations like Santa Cecilia, Rome, Accademia Chigiana, Siena and Panatenee Pompeiane.


She obtained her Flute Teacher degree at the Conservatory of Bolzano (Italy), and the Flute Concert Degree at the Academy of Music of Wintherthur (Switzerland) under the guidance of Conrad Klemm, who has been also her first Alexander Technique teacher. She specialized also with several prestigious musicians as Mario Ancillotti, Anna Maria Morini, Piero Guarino, Alain Meunier and William Bennet.


She studied numerous techniques about psychophysical training and body-awareness, founding her original own way in 1993. She is familiar with Yoga, Mental Dynamics, Behavior Dynamics, Memory courses, Bio-energetic Training (Malcolm Brown, Lorenzo Manfredini and Teddy Grossman), studying Alexander Technique professionally for one year at the school of Y. Kupermann in Basel (Switzerland) and its application to the flute playing with Conrad Klemm for several years, attending a five year training at the International Path-Work of Core-Energetic, attending a two year training Theosophical Medicine and Psychology with Dr. Douglas Backer, attending courses on Theta Healing, PNL, Transpersonal Psychology, Overton-Chanting with Jill Purce, Pilates and Dance.


Since 1984 she has also been studying Astrology, the ancient language of the cosmos energy and of the time quality. Carrying inside the belief that "time is the energy of those creatures which become embodied like humanity", she developed a training path and a specific computer program for the Transits System. She performs a Live Path Concert about Music of Planets, that offers also concrete exercises to connect with the energy of the planet archetypes, and proposes workshops on this theme. Her book Being in the Time is available at the moment only in Italian.

Antonella Dalla Benetta

She studied the Flute at the Conservatory of Bolzano (Italy), where she was born and lived until the age of 20. She won her first flute competition at 16, for the Youth International Competition of Stresa, which started her concert career. In this first professional period, she actively collaborated with musicians and artistic Association of her field like the Musicatelier, pianists Riccardo Zadra, Andrea Bambace, Andrea Cristofolini, Giuliano Tonini, Francesco Bertoldi, the composers Francesco Valdambrini and Heinrich Unterhofer, guitarist Norma Lutzemberger. She gave concerts in Austria, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria, and recorded for the Italian television RAI, Radio Praga and for the Conservatory of Sophia. As if that was not enough, she cultivated from the age of 16 her interest in subjects connected with the equilibrium between mind, body and spirit, attending courses of yoga, theater, Mental and Behavior Dynamic Development, motivation and memory training. She became flute teacher at the Music Institute of Bolzano at the age of 17, won other competitions in Stresa, Ancona and was reserve of the Youth European Orchestra for several years (ECYO).


Antonella and Conrad Klemm

She obtained the Flute Concert Degree with Conrad Klemm, at the Academy of Wintherthur in 1983, and attended for a full year the professional study of the Alexander Technique in Basel, Switzerland, following the school of Yehuda Kupermann. Afterwards she moved to Rome, starting her teaching at the Conservatory of Campobasso, Vibo Valentia and Messina. In these years she has been First Flute of the Youth Italian Orchestra (OGI) in Firenze in 1984, of the AMIT (Italian Musical Academy) of Rome, and collaborated in the field of chamber music with several famous artists: the pianists Patrizia Romano, Giorgio Nascetti, Nicola Di Marco, the Karadar-Bertoldi Ensemble, the composer Arturo Annecchino. She started her theatrical music performing with the actors Francesco Alderuccio and Antonietta Carbonetti. At the same time, she collaborated with the Institute for the Behavior Dynamic of Ferrara, Italy, directed by Dr. Lorenzo Manfredini. She then ran the Rome branch, and started her work experience giving workshops in psychophysical matters.



In 1986 she started her collaboration with the Greek Theater of Syracuse for classical tragedies term, performing in Antigone directed by Walter Pagliaro. Antonella was ravished by the magic of this mythological atmosphere to such a degree, that she moved permanently to Syracuse, Sicily, in 1987. In these years she played as First Flute in the Italian Tour of La Tragedie de Carmen directed by Peter Brook, in major Italian theaters like the Argentina of Rome, Piccolo Theater of Milan, Roman Odeon of Pompei, Biondo of Palermo and the Roman Amphitheater of Cagliari, taking part in the very special world of Peter Brook, who makes everything brilliant with his theatrical touch!

She lived in Syracuse, absorbing its mystery magic, until 2000 when starting her management career: first of all with the Association The door of the sun, specialized in children’s theater. In this context she created the cycle “The street singer tells…”, a music history for children. Then she created the children’s school for creativity L’albatros, and gave several workshops about methodology in music teaching, dedicated to teachers of primary school, receiving funding from the regional governmental authorities. In 1991 she initiated her synthesis about the psychophysical techniques and music, with the workshop The Power of Sound, which uses the knowledge given to her by the bio-energetic trainer Teddy Grossman, and Jill Purce, her teacher of overtone chanting .


Antonella in Siracusa

In 1993 she founded the Horus Ensemble and the Summer Horus Academy, in which context the idea of the Itinerant Concerts was born in naturalistic and archeological settings, aiming to re-connect the artistic event with its original ancient sacredness, “breaking off the linear space-time continuum”, and creating in the spectator a gate to extra-ordinary inner perception. A lot of famous musicians and dancers took part to the Horus Ensemble: Nicola Oteri, Sergio Pallante, Rosalba Bentivoglio, Paola Ghigo, Lucia Clementi, Sandra Stojanovic, Carmelo Nicotra, Mario Ancillotti, Judith Liber, Awahoshi Kavan, Matthias Ziegler, Pamela De Sensi, Conrad Klemm, Carlo Cattano, Wendell Wells, Dario La Ferla, Ninni Averna, Alexandra Gutu, Serenella Isidori, Oriana e Valentina Celesti, Emilio Vapi, Andrea Montefoschi, Carlo Nicita, Roberto Sparacino and Pali van Gastel.


Coefore at the Greek Theater

In 1996 she performed in the Greek Theater of Syracuse Le Coefore, conducted by Giorgio Pressburger, composed by Dimitri Nicolau. She took part in the Florence Sinfonietta of Florence and to Euterpe of Syracuse. She directed the festival Notti Magiche of Syracuse, a concerts cycle in Noto, several festivals for the Fiumara d’Arte and eight editions of the Summer Horus Academy with the connected concerts festivals (from 1993 to 2001).


In 2000 Antonella moved to Padova, were she actually lives. In these years she intensified and focused on her activity of giving conferences and workshops, in cooperation with Paolo Clauser from 1999 to 2005, and then alone. She wrote several books: Being in the Time in 2004, CreateVitality in 2007, Music Learning, Specialization and Performing in 2008, CreateVitality for Musicians in 2009 and she is preparing CreateVitality: 28 Steps in Order to Change your Life, that contains her entire reign. Recently she created a special concert formula, the Live Path Concert, that offers both live music and exercises, taken from her experience and described in her books, in order to relax the body, to be in contact with one’s feelings and emotions, to find peace and focus for the mind, and to clarify the needs and desires in a performing context. A series of workshops are linked to these concerts, to give more practical substance to people. She teaches Flute at the Conservatory of Trento, a modern Academy of music and dance, with advanced methodology and open to foreign students of every nationality, also in the context of the Erasmus project and of other international exchange projects. The teaching of Psychophysical Matters is there common practice and so far she has organized three conventions on this topic.

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